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What to do In and around Kiama ‘A gateway from the city to the country’

Kiama acts as a gateway between the Illawarra and the Shoalhaven and the start to the south coast. Only 90 minutes from Sydney and close to only 2 hours drive from Canberra Kiama is perfectly situated between country and city, land and surf, making it the ideal town for the day tripper.

A brief history:

Much like many towns in the region, Kiama was first founded to supply the lumbering and trading demands of Cedars from the south coast back up to Sydney. The first of these pioneers to officially settle was David Smith in 1832 and before long Kiama grew immensely, becoming the primary harbour for trade on the south coast. When the Cedar industry slowed down Kiama supplemented this, and it’s dairying industry, for the quarrying of basalt (Blue Metal) the change being one that remained one of the largest industries in the region till today. The Kiama jetty and harbour no longer functions as a large trading port but does still offer an amazing selection of fresh fish from the trawlers. Kiama’s iconic lighthouse,built in the late 1800’s, still sits above the also iconic blowhole, which are definitely worth a visit, the lighthouse having only undergone one major change with its conversion to electricity in 1969.

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What to do and where to go in Kiama.

Looking to have fun for free? Kiama boasts some of the finest sandy beaches in the world, stretching from Minnamurra to East’s Beach, there is a beach for every level of surfer, body surfer or just those that want to play in the sand. When the winds are blowing south-east though, head up to the Kiama lighthouse on the headland, where if the winds are strong enough you can see the big blowhole in action, a stunning natural occurrence of water being whipped up into the air through a cavern system, sometimes reaching as high as 20-25 feet into the air. Just to the south of the small blow hole is the start to the Kiama Coastal Walk, taking around an hour return trip and following the coastline down to Gerringong, it makes for a perfect afternoon walk.

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