Hyams Beach

Jervis Bay is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples and all the family. We have a number of Jervis Bay accommodation options. Jervis Bay is set in a stunning national park and has an ocean climate that is unique..

Hyams Beach on Jervis Bay is reputed to have the whitest sand in the world! This spectacular bay is lined with coast villages Callala Bay, Callala Beach, Myola, Huskisson, Vincentia and Hymas Beach. Booderee National Park (part of Jervis Bay Territory) which lies on the southern curve of the bay, is one of the state's most visited parks. It is also home to the Royal Australian Naval College, HMAS Cresswell.

Rich in Aboriginal history and abundant with native flora and fauna, Jervis Bay is the deepest sheltered harbour in Australia, with an average depth of 19 metres and an area of 124 square kilometres. In relative term, Jervis Bay could accommodate two Botany Bays or eight Sydney Harbours and is deep enough to anchor the largest ships of our Navy.

About one million people visit Jervis Bay annually for the stunning beaches, the excellent scuba diving, snorkelling and recreational fishing. And also for the chance to see the 60 to 70 bottlenose dolphins that call the bay their home. Increasingly common are passing visit of humpback whales, southern right whales and common dolphins. A colony of 10,000 little penguins reside on Bowen Island off Booderee National Park.

Huskisson houses the fascinating Lady Denman Maritime Museum and Gallery. (02) 4441 5675. 10-4pm. Open daily. Home of the historic Lady Denman Ferry, one of the Sydney ferries which retired back to where it was orginally built. The complex houses one of the world's finest collections of antique instruments and nauticalia. See also Timbery's Aboriginal Workshop, the Mangrove Boardwalk, Fish Feeding and a museum shop for books and collectables. BBQ and picnic area. Fresh product markets 1st Sat of the month.

Dotted throughout the villages of Jervis Bay are numerous cafes and restaurants. Many artists reside and work in the region and every two years, the See Change Winter Arts Festival takes place around June. A tour of the area with open your eyes to some of the state's most beautiful scenery, the most rewarding recreational activities and a sensuous array of local food, wine and luxury products.



Located right on the beautiful south coast of Australia, luxury accommodation in Jervis Bay is amazing, slotted snugly between the other sights of New South Wales and the Jervis Bay Territory area. Despite its small size and secluded stature, it’s definitely not hard to find fun things to do in Jervis Bay and this article is here to explain some of the more popular sights and activities, so you can make your holiday or vacation a true south coast experience. Jervis Bay accommodation is also easily available in this secluded paradise.

Like Australia’s entire coastal region, the first thing on your list of things to do in Jervis Bay is to simply soak in the atmosphere staying in some of the fantastic Jervis Bay luxury accommodation. The weather, the unique greenery, the landscape, the crystal clear water and the whitest sands in the world make relaxing, tanning and trekking perhaps the most popular activities; but there’ more to it than that.

On top of the usual volleyball and Frisbee, the beach and ocean offer a number of exciting things to do, from snorkelling and scuba diving (the clear water allows for great discover), to fishing and dolphin watching. Hiring a boat or taking a water taxi out to sea is a hassle free process and when there’s a chance to see several species of whale and dolphin you can’t miss the opportunity. The more adventurous out there may also want to hit the surf or take some lessons on mastering the wave.


Other things to do in Jervis Bay, besides enjoying the beach area include visiting the various parks and centres. The Booderee National Park and Booderee Botanic Gardens are of particular interest. Here you can see tones of native wildlife, including the White-bellied Sea Eagle, which is the guardian of the Aboriginal people of Wreck Bay and will thrust you in to an enthralling cultural history lesson. If you enjoy the wildlife you might also want to check out the Marayong Park Emu Farm.

The Lady Denman Heritage Complex is also a popular place to visit. Here you’ll find the Maritime Museum and Gallery, housing loads of aboriginal tools and antiques, as well as one of the earliest Sydney Harbour ferries, the Lady Denman. Outside you’ll find the Mangrove Board Walk, featuring ponds, wildlife and a food web.

For the adults there are tones of local shops and boutiques, and why not get in to the wine tasting mood with trip to Kladis Estate Wines, boasting over 13 acres of vines.

Whether young or old, reserved or adventurous, there are plenty of things to do in Jervis Bay.

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Jervis Bay beaches are some of the most visually appealing and pure beaches in all Australia. These beaches are quite popular for having the pure white sand. Jervis Beaches are only about a three hour drive from Sydney. These beaches are in New South Wales and are known for being quiet and less crowded. Jervis Bay accommodation is equally quiet and set in a relaxed setting.

The Blenheim Beach is quite a popular beach amongst all the Jervis Bay beaches. This beach is in Vincenta. The next beach that is quite stunning is the Hyams Beach. The Hyams Beach is one of the more secluded beaches, and this is the beach where you can connect with nature in complete privacy.

The most popular beach of all the Jervis Bay Beaches is the Husskisson Beach. This beach, which ends at the Moona Moona creek, actually begins from the Tapalla Point. Since the beach is so popular, it is also the closest to all the amenities that would be needed near a beach, thereby making one of the most populated beach. However, the beach is still as beautiful as the other beaches that form the Jervis Bay Beach. In fact, Husskisson Beach has the Town Center, and has one of the most hustle and bustle as compared to all the other beaches.

Once the Moona Moona creek ends, you will find the Collingwood Beach, which further connects to Barfleur Beach and Orion Beach. These are the twin beaches which are relatively less crowded than all the other beaches that form the Jervis Bay Beach.

The other beaches that are at the south of the Plantation Point are Blenheim Beach, Greenfields Beach and Nelson Beach.

These are just some of the beaches in the Jervis Bay Area. These beaches are certainly a beautiful miracle of nature, and it goes without saying that a person in this area during a vacation should certainly make it a point to visit Jervis Bay beaches.

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Not only does Jervis Bay have great beaches that are amongst the most beautiful and pure beaches in Australia, but the Jervis Bay fishing is superb. The Beaches are full of marine life and Jervis Bay fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do if you are on Jervis Bay's beaches.

The entire Jervis Bay is approximately thrice the size of the Sydney Harbor. The entire area is more than sixteen kilometers. Because the bay is washed through by oceanic currents on a regular basis, it has been very beneficial for the fishermen all over the east coast of Australia. The area of and near Jervis Bay is known to be one of the best areas in Australia and all over the world for fishing.

You will also find a vast range of fishes to fish for at the Jervis Bay. Therefore, Jervis Bay fishing gets all the more exciting. You will find pilchards, bottlenose dolphins as well as pilchards. Therefore, there are some fish for each and everyone. Of course, not everyone can catch a dolphin, or not everyone would be satisfied with a pilchard, but it’s the adventure that matters more. You will also find a lot of bait fish along the canyons that are along the continental shelf. These canyons are known as The Kink.

There are several marlin and faught that is caught each year. The very lucky ones even get the large blue marlins. The other types of fishes that are available are the Yellow fin and the albacore fishes. These fishes are not available all the year though. You would be able to fish for these fishes only for six months in a year.

These are just some of the fishes and marine life that is available Jervis Bay fishing.

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