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Jamberoo Valley is famous for its tall cabbage tree palms, rolling green hills dotted with black and white dairy cows and beautiful historic buildings dating back to the 1820s when the area was settled. Jamberoo Village itself is a delightful step back into a quiet rural country town. It has a wonderful pub, a large oval and public swimming pool and a number of delightful cafes.

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Jamberoo Markets are held on the last Sunday of each month from 8am to 3pm in Kevin Walsh Oval, Jamberoo.

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Going to the South Coast and wondering about things to do in Jamberoo Valley? Well don’t fret, like most of the South Coast of Australia there are plenty of exciting things to entertain the whole family, and it starts with the landscape. Jamberoo accommodation is often located amongst the stunning scenery of the Jamberoo Valley.

Before you go any further in to your holiday, soaking up the atmosphere should be at the top of your list of things to do in Jamberoo. The landscape and its unique vegetation wind up and down through the sunlight like something out of a paradise. Taking a guided walk in and around some of the most popular sights and viewpoints is simply beautiful. Whether it is trekking through the cabbage tree palms, climbing the hills with the black and white dairy cows or exploring some of the many historical buildings, Jamberoo is an amazing place to simply stand back and observe.

More specifically, one of the more popular things to do in Jamberoo is the guided walks that venture in to the Minnamurra Rainforest, an almost fantasy film like mesh of binding trees and subtropical plants and water routes. If you aren’t scared of heights then a walk across the elevated Rainforest Board Walk is an exhilarating experience.

Another popular viewpoint is at Carrington Falls, where you can look out in to the charging water without even getting wet. The walks surrounding this part of the Budderoo National Park are particularly popular for their picnic spots and wheelchair access.

If the kids are not too impressed with the many walks and views, and are looking for more fun things to do in Jamberoo then a trip to the Jamberoo Action Park is definitely in order. This beautiful looking theme park crafted as part of the landscape is a great place to have family fun. There are swimming and diving areas, slides, theme park rides, an exciting chairlift, bob sleds, along with plenty of dining areas and shops in between.

Jamberoo mixes its natural quiet and picturesque atmosphere with lots of exciting activities for the children, to bring you a great all round holiday experience with culture and fun. There are plenty of things to do in Jamberoo and this is reflected by its consistent tourism numbers. Located just an hour or so from Sydney, yet looking like a completely different world in terms of landscape, Jamberoo should definitely be on your list of South Coast destinations to visit this summer.

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