About Berry NSW - Visitor Information


Situated on the Princes Highway between Wollongong and Nowra, Berry is only 2 hours south of Sydney and around 2.5 hours from Canberra.

A brief history:

Established initially as a logging town for the local cedar industry, Berry was founded in 1822 by pioneer Alexander Berry, who was granted 10,000 acres and 100 convicts to construct the settlement– due to its age, the town boasts home to numerous historic houses and buildings, many of which are listed with the National lands Trust – a few worth visiting among these are the Berry Court House, that will often house art and fabric exhibitions (though this is also available at request for weddings!), the School of Arts, where there is on the occasion an antiques show or market (weddings also available) and the local Museum, which while small, has plenty of information on the antiquity and industries of the Shoalhaven region.

South Coast Holidays offers two properties in and around Berry that have a rich Historical Heritage.