The Holidays Collection is a holiday rentals and real estate sales business with offices in Hyams Beach, Bowral and Gerringong. We are an enthusiastic, professional team, proud of the portfolio of homes we manage. Since its acquisition by Craig and Bernadette McIntosh in May 2013, The Holidays Collection has grown its holiday rental pool every year (as measured by property numbers or income), and since then, the business has more than quadrupled in size. This growth included the acquisition in July 2017 of South Coast Holidays. Today, The Holidays Collection manages more than 270 stylish holiday homes on New South Wales' spectacular south coast, as well as the Southern Highlands. Holiday rental income for the pool of properties now exceeds $9 million per annum.  The Holidays Collection also specialises in the sale of holiday rental, waterfront or lifestyle properties - in Jervis Bay, the Southern Highlands and along the South Coast. In the past four years, we have concluded over $100m in real estate sales.


Owners contemplating holiday renting often think to “do it myself and put the commission into my own back pocket”.  Sounds tempting, however here are a few good reasons to rethink that position and use The Holidays Collection - a specialised, professional holiday rentals agency:

  1. Time poor – if you are time poor, the demands of dealing with enquiries, inane questions, updating calendars, organising cleaners, organising linen, dealing with breakages, working out what to do if you cleaner leaves or goes on holiday, etc. – will soon get the better of you!
  2. Remote – if you do not live next door, a midnight call when the power fails or the roof leaks in a storm will not be a pleasant experience.  Moreover, you will not be on hand to do anything about it!
  3. We bring you bookings! – we manage over 270 properties and have an emailing list of 20,000+ past guests.  People call us because they know we have plenty of options.  We can therefore cross sell to your property very easily and “turn the taps on” so to say.  For FY2017 we handled over 6,000 bookings with a value of over $9 million…and growing!
  4. Digital marketing – how do I get onto Stayz? Airbnb? Tripadvisor?  How do I manage multiple calendars?  What if I double book?  Do I need my own web site? All of these issues will arise in what is an increasingly complex digital marketing landscape.  One that you are unlikely to be able to stay abreast of…but we do!
  5. Customer interaction and bond claims – dealing with guests can be fun at the outset, but tiring in the long-run; especially if they break something at your property and you are left with a ‘mess!’  We handle such situations all the time, and provide a much needed buffer between you and your guests – taking all emotion out of what can be a very difficult, stressful and unpleasant situation.
  6. Consolidated reporting – come tax time, we provide you with a consolidated financial report of ALL your bookings – from us, Stayz, Airbnb and the like.  Without us, you will be spreading receipts out on the living room carpet at midnight, with sticky tape and stapler in hand.  Let us do the work for you!  We also provide a report every month when payments are made to you from our trust account for all bookings in that month.
  7. Selling one day? – if and when you sell, The Holidays Collection also does real estate sales.  We will know your property intimately and will be able to give potential buyers complete comfort about the property and its booking history.  Therefore, we tend to get “top dollar” for the holiday rental properties that we sell!


The Holidays Collection provides the following key services to its owners:

  1. Marketing - of your individual property and its key features saving you the headache of navigating the very complex digital marketing landscape and the task of managing multiple calendars
  2. Bookings - handling of emails, questions, bookings, payments, reviews, etc.
  3. Management of your property - including cleaners, gardeners, tradespeople, and guest arrival / guest departure issues.  For sake of clarity, we project manage these sub-contractors.
  4. Reporting - monthly and annual financial reporting to you
  5. 24x7 customer service - providing a local point of contact for owners and their guests during their stay. One of our staff always carries an after-hours emergency phone!
  6. One calendar / no double bookings – our YesBookit system acts as the master inventory for all web sites, protecting against the nightmare of double bookings!  As an owner you can also log in and see all bookings, or make your own bookings for personal use.

Our holiday rental management contract will set out the exact services we provide.


The Holidays Collection promotes a property via the following marketing channels:

  1. and – our own web sites with a large and loyal following
  2. – automatic distribution of all of our properties with live availability and pricing
  3. – automatic distribution of all of our properties with live availability and pricing
  4. – automatic distribution for selected properties with live availability and pricing
  5. – automatic distribution for selected properties with instant booking activated (and therefore live availability and pricing)
  6. Google ad words, focusing on destination searches
  7. Regular e-newsletters to a ‘past guest database’ of over 20,000 individuals
  8. Running of various specials including “pay for 2, stay for 3”  on weekends and 4pm check out on Sundays and public holidays
  9. Property signage – at your discretion, putting one of our holiday rental signs outside of your property

10.If you wish to have your own web site, we can also link it to the YesBookit reservation system so that the availability shown there is 100% accurate


The Holidays Collection has the following standard fee options:

  1. Bookings only – 15% inclusive of GST
  2. Standard Management – 16.5% inclusive of GST
  3. Full Management -  20% inclusive of GST

We are a very commercial business and will consider price matching any commission rate offered to you by another agency.  Please discuss this issue with us.  We also have an in-house handyman, charged at $55 per hour incl GST. If he is unavailable, we may use an external handyman and hourly rates will generally range from $55 - $75 per hour.  Cleaners, tradesmen, gardening and any other outsourced services are charged at cost.


Many thanks again for considering The Holidays Collection as a possible manager of your property. If you would like to proceed, the KEY next steps are as follows:

  1. If not done already, have one of our staff inspect the property to complete the website description and obtain all attributes/details
  2. Agree on pricing, bed configuration, décor, linen, pet friendly, etc. for your property
  3. Enter into a formal (standard form) property management agreement that will be provided to you.  This is the legal basis for our relationship with you
  4. Take professional photographs
  5. Confirm a ‘name’ for your home, or ask our team to help you with suggestions
  6. Get a cleaner to visit your property and give a quote. The same applies to a gardener if required
  7. Buy the necessary linen for your property and label or ‘tag it’ clearly (you or your cleaner may do this)
  8. Provide your banking details and deposit a $500 float into our Trust Account
  9. Supply 4 key sets to us: guest set, spare guest set, cleaner set, office set
  10. Have a key lock box installed


Please contact us on (02) 4411 7000 and one of our staff will direct you to the best person to talk to, depending on the location of your property.  We look forward to the possibility of having you on board.